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The Lee R Berger Foundation for Exploration Trust, is a non profit organisation whose purposes are to:

  • Conduct and encourage exploration in Africa related to human and natural heritage, stimulate discoveries related to human and natural heritage and conduct and support scientific endeavors related to these discoveries, particularly in the fields of palaeoanthropolgy, palaeontology and archaeology;
  • Conserve and preserve heritage sites and heritage objects in the interests of science and the public; and
  • Educate the public about the importance of our human and natural heritage and the study and conservation thereof


Beneficiaries to the trust are:

  • African-based Institutes of Higher Learning;
  • Non-governmental Organisations and other non-profit organisations supporting exploration, research and education in related areas; and
  • individual explorers, scientists, students and educators who conduct expeditions or otherwise assist in fulfilling the goals of the Trust